Prolific App Management System

Not your average CMS. We built our very own mobile-focused App Management System so you can easily manage your app experience on the fly. No coding necessary.

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Mobile content made simple.

The Prolific AMS is a powerful tool to help you manage your content and drive key performance indicators such as user engagement and monetization. We've optimized it for native mobile platforms like iOS and Android so your team can make updates in minutes.

Create & Manage Content

Upload images, write rich text content, and deeplink to specific content without jumping into code.

Manage content globally or localize by region to make sure it's relevant for your users.

Schedule in Advance

Set up time-bound content, like promotions, ahead of time and put your mind at ease when it's time to go live. Make adjustments easily, before or during the campaign.

Learn & Recommend

Manage robust in-app quizzes to learn about your users and personalize their experience.

Preview Instantly

Preview your changes before they go live so you know your content looks perfect on all devices.

Control Downtime

Provide a controlled experience to your users when there is app downtime, and when you've decided to retire an old app version.

Prolific’s AMS tool allows David’s Bridal to streamline the setup of our ever-changing promotional cadence. The ability to clone the creative on our “Featured” page makes changing individual pieces of content — pushing them live in real-time — seamless.”

— Noelle Hassett, Sr. Manager Digital Content & Testing at David’s Bridal

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