Meet Some Of Our New Ps!

Prolific is growing faster than ever, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming new team members to the office each week. Bringing on new talent helps to make us collectively better and expands our wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise. (Plus, it means we get to refill the snack jars more often.) Our newest Ps are quickly becoming vital members of the team and teaching us new things every day. Meet a few of the new team members and learn what brought them to Prolific and what they’ve been learning so far. Welcome to Prolific, everyone!

Material CalendarView: A pretty Calendar for Android

Along with the release of Material Design and Android Lollipop, Google released a slew of support libraries to help developers have Material apps across platform version, but neglected many fringe areas which can ruin the illusion. One area in which they particularly dropped the ball is the CalendarView class. This widget didn’t even get a visual update in Lollipop. Looking around on sites like, there are plenty of date picker options, but none that fit our needs.

Recap of RWDevCon: Part 2

I wrote a recap of the first day of RWDevCon here, and now on to the second day!

Custom View Controller Transitions

The energy from the first day carried over, and I found Ryan Nystrom’s demo project about custom view controller transitions really helpful. I’m using a really similar approach to create a zoom-style transition for my current Prolific project, combining some of the principles here with Facebook’s Pop animation library. So this session was directly applicable to a work project!

Roles Aren’t Boundaries

Since the beginning of software development, developers have held the key to building great products. Since Prolific’s inception, we’ve challenged that thinking, striving for a team mentality. We know that it actually takes a very disciplined team of individuals to build a great product. So why is the public perception of software development so individually focused?