Tutorial: Use Touch ID in Your Swift App

What is Touch ID?

With iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S release, Apple introduced Touch ID, a new way for users to authenticate by using their fingerprints to unlock their phones or purchases on the App Store. Now, in iOS 8, Apple provides an SDK for developers to use Touch ID in their apps, and, as you will see in this blog post, it’s actually very simple to add this feature to your app. Remember that Touch ID is only available for iPhone 5S and newer, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. That’s something to consider when you implement it in your app.

Welcoming New Leadership

Prolific is kicking off 2015 with an exciting announcement. We’re thrilled to welcome two new executives, Isaac Newton and Anne Sophie Hurst, to our San Francisco office as Vice President of Business Development and Managing Director SF, respectively. Anne Sophie and Isaac’s arrival comes at a time of enormous growth for us, and signals a very prolific start to the new year.

Getting Vagrant, Nodejs, and Windows to Play Well Together

Here at Prolific Interactive we have started to use Vagrant and Virtualbox to run our development environments locally. It allows all of our developers to quickly get a project up and running with very little hassle. UNLESS… you happen to be developing on Windows… and your project uses NPM. I recently had the misfortune of running into this problem when trying to onboard a developer running Windows 7.