Who Owns the Mobile Strategy in Your Company?


Your company understands (or should understand by now) that mobile is an important function of your product, service, and marketing. That means that your mobile strategy can include a variety of departments, and a large number of people. The problem with a multipurpose initiative is that you can find yourself with a thousand good ideas, an energized team, and dedicated resources, that may NOT work together.

There is a solution. Answer the question – who owns the mobile strategy? In my recent conversations either at events or in meetings, I have asked this question and received a variety of answers. The majority of people respond by saying that each person has assigned someone in their department to oversee their aspect of the mobile strategy. This becomes a very kaufen wow gold dangerous situation because it creates barriers to completing projects, and solidifying your companies place in the mobile space.

From our experience, the companies that have the most successful results in the mobile space have a dedicated mobile strategist, or a mobile team, that report to all of the involved departments. Having dedicated resources will help your company establish a mobile presence, and will help you achieve your goals, while focusing on the organizations goals as a whole.

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  • prolificdan Dan Healy