We’re Going to Need Another Keg

In May of 2011 I ventured from the midwest to start as a design intern at Prolific. We were a small group that summer, everyone with various backgrounds, driven by their passion for digital media. Everyday I learned something new from the projects I worked on and the people I worked with.

When receiving the offer to return to the team as a strategist after graduation, I didn’t have to think twice about accepting. Last summer was a great experience for me professionally and personally. The environment (and team) was begging for me to return. I caught the fever that is New York, that is DUMBO, and that ultimately is Prolific. This office is filled with the desire to learn, to grow and to provide the services to allow others to do the same.

Upon my return this month, the team had grown into seventeen, doubling that of which I was working with a year ago. Then, on my first day, it hit me: the office I started with has grown, the projects have become bigger and this small tech start-up I once knew had changed. But change, with the right people and mindset, can be amazing. The energy and passion for digital is still high in the Prolific office, sparking intriguing conversations and innovations in the products we create.

In an industry that changes fast and often, it’s important to have the ability for a team to adapt to that as well. Here, we’re more prolific than ever. Over a year, we’ve moved forward, upward and succeeded in our growth. Despite the changes, there’s still brainstorming on the whiteboard-painted walls, conference calls and happy hours. And if you ever want to stop by, there’s still a kegerator… just twice as many people to enjoy it with.


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