85 db of Love: Jambox by Jawbone

While fueling my Netflix addiction by steaming the miracle-working website on my MacBook Air, I always noticed the lack of power in the speakers. When on speakerphone, I felt like I was continuously trying to turn up the volume, too. Blame it on bad hearing or loud external factors, but I was in need of a supplementary speaker.

Introducing Jambox by Jawbone (in Black Diamond)! I unwrapped the little wireless speaker from its attractive packaging and was very happy with the size; small enough to fit in my purse but big enough to feel like I wasn’t going to break it.

After reading the brief instruction manual, I connected the speaker with my iPhone and turned on some Rick Ross because I needed to test the bass out (and because I”m a huge fan). Ricky Rozay would not have been disappointed. The big guy made the little speaker vibrate my whole desk.

Because the Jambox is intelligent and updateable, I synced it to MyTALK, the online platform where I proceeded to update my software and change the voice of my speaker to “The Bombshell.” I quickly realized the speaker was then trying to seduce me so I changed back to “The Original.” Never again. On MyTALK you can add other apps and updates like Live Audio, a sound feature to make it sound like a live experience.

The next step was Netflix. I”m currently on the sixth season of Bones, an action packed show dying for better sound quality. By the intro song, I knew it was a major improvement from my Air”s speakers. And when I got a phone call and tested out Jambox as I made dinner, I could hear my sister speak over sink as I ran water.

So far, I love my little 85 db Jambox speaker. It”s no hassle to take from place to place and connect to my iPhone or laptop. The only problem: I wish the volume control didn”t remain at the same loud volume whether turning it up or down. Cheers to that being my only complaint!

Jambox Black Diamond by Jawbone can be found on Amazon for $164, originally for $199. Jam on.

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