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If you had $200 to spend on any accessory for your mobile phone, what would you buy?

This was the question and opportunity presented to everyone at Prolific. We’re giving everyone here $200 to buy any mobile accessory then asking them to write a review of their experience (to appear on our blog, check out the Innovation Fund section).

Why did we create the Prolific Innovation Fund?

We know that giving smart, curious and motivated people access to unique and compelling experiences can bring about great discoveries in creative product development. Prolific strives to the creation of better or more effective mobile products, mobile processes, mobile services, mobile technologies, and ideas that are readily available to markets, governments, and society. This is one of many ways we enjoy stimulating creative and enriching discussions around mobile innovation while having fun staying up to date on the world of mobile and continuously asking “How do you use your phone?” and “How can we make the mobile experience better?”

  • Celebrate and engage with aspiring and successful entrepreneurs who have created products we admire.
  • Stay abreast of what’s hot and cutting edge in mobile.
  • Enable our team to bring a wider experience to our product development and customers.
  • Have fun!


Dig a little deeper (Google it) and you’ll find a lot of research has been dedicated to understanding, embracing and leveraging innovation.  We”re working from research and development around End-User Innovation and S-Curve Diffusion. End-User Innovation is where an agent (person or company) develops an innovation for their own (personal or in-house) use because existing products do not meet their needs. S-Curve Diffusion derives from an assumption that new products are likely to have “product life” (i.e. a start-up phase, a rapid increase in revenue and eventual decline). In fact the great majority of innovations never get off the bottom of the curve and never produce normal returns.  We want to be end-user innovators at the start-up phase of “product life”. (great article from Kauffman FoundationGoldin Solutions)

S-Curve - Innovation Life Cycle

Why $200?

Because… well, a few reasons:

  • Most of the coolest stuff fits between $50-200 (see below).
  • We asked a bunch of friends and family the opening question and saw most answers were below $200.
  • A majority of the population has the ability to buy an accessory up to $200 (would you buy a $2,000 mobile accessory if you had to pay?).

Ideas So Far

As of now, orders have been placed for the following items: Nike Fuel Wristband, Jawbone Jambox, Duracell Powermat, Lark Un-Alarm, Ollo Clip, Mophie Battery Pack Case, Tuneband Work Out arm band, Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager; and Soundfreaq Sound Kick Docking Station. We can”t wait to hear what our people have to say about this neat stuff.

What mobile accessory would you like to see us review and develop mobile products around?

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