TuneBand: A concrete jungle must-have

If you took one look at me, the last thing you would say is, “Yeah, he must work out.” Which sucks, because I do. However, what actually sucks is working out with no place to comfortably put my iPhone. I tried to pin it against my spandex shorts–left hip, screen out.  I tried the ol’ flip and tuck in the front of my shorts. Holding it while I’m running? Fuhgeddaboudit. I had to keep most of my workouts horizontal, using the ground to support my iPhone.

This was my life until I recently purchased a TuneBand from Grantwood Technologies. It’s an iPhone armband holder for any type of workout I throw at it. I never actually realized how much time I spent adjusting and fidgeting with my iPhone until this product securely fastened it to my arm. It’s funny that something as simple as an armband can get me excited to go workout, but it does.

I chose this armband based on reviews and it has lived up to the hype. The flexible band never makes my arm feel constricted or uncomfortable. The silicon case holds the phone snug and its open face lets me navigate the screen with ease. I may be late to the armband workout scene but I’m extremely happy about how much the Tuneband has enhanced the way I’m able to workout. Now that I’m not fidgeting while I’m working out, make sure to look out for me bouncing around Lower Manhattan… But seriously, look out because I never wait at stop lights.

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