iPhoneographer is No Longer a Shutterbug

No one hates photography. As a matter of fact, everyone enjoys being a photographer. We walk, we target, we shoot. The very moment loads in our SD card, our film, our mind. However, few people (well, except those serious photographers) carry their Nikons/Canons out every day, since it is apparently not as “awesome” and convenient as taking a photo via iPhone then prettify and share it seamlessly. Yes, the “iPhoneography” becomes hip.

Well, for some folks like me, being an “iPhoneographer” (a.k.a. the shutterbug) just doesn”t feel right. First and foremost, you have to spare at least one finger tapping on the screen for all operations, which makes it embarrassing to do a one-hand-snapshot, especially on landscape view (try it, sisters!). Secondly, I prefer using the index finger to shoot the bullet on my SLR and again, it makes me feel awkward on the iPhone. Thumbs up for the iOS 5 camera volume shutter, but the fact is, that lens will be at the bottom of the camera when using the volume button as the shutter release. It’s much better to have the lens closer to shutter button. Last but not least, the image quality. What if you need a wide-angle or a high quality close-up detail shot?

Here comes my solution: the iPhone Shutter Grip and Pro-Style Lenses. Not the best ever, but definitely worth a shot. And together they only cost $89.00, less than a half of the Prolific Innovation fund.

It is super easy to connect the grip. Step one: Plug it in the charging slot and it hugs the sides of your iPhone for a secure hold. Step two: There is no step two. Just like that, your iPhone is transformed into a hand-held camera. Since you don”t have to tap your iPhone”s screen (farewell, awkward fingers!), you”ll have less shake in your low light pics. Just imagine shooting along Hudson river at a lovely winter night…and you can shoot without worrying about your phone slipping out of your hands, no Hudson diving necessary!

The Shutter Grip is also very thoughtful. It adds a photo and video button right where you”re used to having a shutter button. So when you realize mid-shoot that you should really be capturing in video, just press the black video record button. You can even capture stills of your video by pressing the shutter button again!

So far you have a small SLR in hand, let’s put a “D” in front of it. I bought Fisheye (180-degree angle shot enabled), Macro/Wide Angle and Telephoto (2x zooming power) phone lenses for different usages. Powered by a detachable magnetic ring, they are all easy to attach to any device with camera, such as mobile phones, tablets and even laptops! Yes, welcome to the enhanced digital world!

With the iPhone Shutter Grip and Pro-Style Lenses, you are holding an iPhone camera with DSLR experience, so how does it sound? Now you may resume your true identity. Now you may walk, target and shoot, daily. Now the “iPhoneographer” may become hip.

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  • prolificgang Gang Cao