Wahoo Bike Pack for iPhone

With the claim “Transforms your iPhone into a bike computer,” who wouldn’t be interested in the Bike Pack by Wahoo Fitness? Thanks to the pack, which includes a mount and application, you can now not only mount your iPhone to your bike, but you can track your speed with its wireless sensor and mobile application. Finally, help noobs like me to the NYC bicycling scene who have found that navigating around Manhattan and Brooklyn can be a bit daunting. With thousands of streets and few bike lanes, it can be very hard to determine the best route to take. I found myself constantly pulling over to the curb and grabbing my iPhone from my pocket and powering up Google Maps to see where my next turn lies. This is obviously not an ideal or safe solution, and with the Wahoo Fitness bike mount, you can solve this horrifying experience.

The bike mount case is easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes to get the mount and wireless sensor locked and loaded. The bike mount gives the rider the ability to pre select the bike route using their preferred GPS system, lock it into the mount, and travel hands free through the streets of the big city.

Now the good part. It comes with an app! The app collects all data every time you hop on your bike; everything from workout time, lap time, speed, calories burned and can connect to any other type of ANT sensor. If you can get over the rough interface, the app is pretty awesome.

If you’re new to New York City (or any city for that matter), there is no better way to explore your surroundings than by bicycle. Do yourself a favor: head to Wahoo Fitness and order yourself the Wahoo Bike Pack for iPhone and make bicycling a little easier.

Watch the video to learn a bit more…

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