WOTW: Grindin’

In countless hip hop songs, artists position “grindin”” as a way of working hard to get ahead of their competition. For them, it”s about coming up into unfamiliar fame, perfecting their craft, spending hours in the studio writing, rhyming and promoting their records. Clipse, Dom Kennedy and Rick Ross talk about how grindin” got them from no where to the top. They know they couldn”t have reached success without the grind and they must maintain it to stay on top of the game they love.

At Prolific, we can relate to grindin” in our own way. Grindin” is about putting in the extra hour. It”s about the brainstorms, the strategy and innovation. It”s about taking our lunch break to listen to Eric teach us about things going on in his brain. It”s about quality assurance. It”s about a color-filled Google Calendar. It”s about all of that in one day.

To grind is “to shape, sharpen, or refine with friction.” When we”re grindin”, we learn from our mistakes, we get better by working harder, and we sharpen our minds and our processes with each project we tackle.

At the end of the day, it”s about enjoying the grind. It”s about going to bed satisfied with your work but thirsty for more, so you wake up early to quench it again.

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