WOTW: Perspective

Merriam-Webster defines perspective as, “the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.” Another way to verbalize that concept is having a certain level of awareness; awareness of the challenges, the opportunities, and the trends. When viewed from a distance, these moving parts cannot be seen as disjointed or apart in any way, but part of the same whole as this perspective is also what Prolific embodies. Prolific, in reality, is in the business of providing perspective to those who cannot, or will not, gain it for themselves – and then executing on the vision that is results from cultivating that awareness.

And though our degrees of awareness may vary from role to role within the organization, we often find ourselves between a rock and hard place when it comes to maintaining control over product quality, creative process, and company culture in the consistently shifting landscape of client expectations. In this way, the client services industry can be especially challenging when striving to provide the highest quality services while balancing the two other constraining variables of time and cost. Just as we would provide guidance and insight when educating our clients about the products we build for them, so too do we need to share with them the relationship between time, cost, and quality.

If you maintain perspective on what is truly important in light of these seemingly diametrically opposed factors, you will not only end up with great products, but also willing and contented clients.


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  • Conner Boyd