WOTW: Collaboration

We talk a lot about collaboration at Prolific, so it’s tough to call it the “Word of the Week” when in actuality it is a word used daily. Collaboration, whether between the production team, peers, or clients is at the core of our business and our culture.

A theme at Prolific is to constantly continue learning – no matter what your job title is. It’s important to read as much as possible, test http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=en new technology and share your thoughts and opinions with the team. It is the unique perspectives that the entire group brings to the table that makes the sharing and conversations so important. Whether it is with a client discussing a project or a conversation between someone from production and someone from business after work at a bar, we are always learning and constantly improving.

We are regularly challenged with the task of creating new technology, building new products and understanding user experience in the mobile space. It is our belief that testing, learning and collaborating with smart people in many different areas makes the difference and allows us to continue to grow as a company and a team.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

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