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Sleep on the Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder

Nothing says “I have way too much time and autonomy at work”, “I will buy anything with enough marketing buzzwords in its name,” and “I dislike you so much that I will spend $100 on a miniature rocket launcher to pelt you with tiny foam reminders of that fact” quite like the Dream Cheeky iLaunch… Read more »

MindWave Over Matter – Look Ma, No Hands

“I”ve always wanted to _______________” There are so many of those moments where we say we”ve always wanted to do something and unfortunately it doesn”t always happen.  The Prolific Innovation Fund made it possible for me to jump into the wild and amazing world of  brain-computer interface (BCI) with the MindWave Mobile from NeuroSky, the world’s least… Read more »

Can You Stand Being a Mobile Developer?

One of the funnest parts of doing mobile development is getting to play with all the different devices. Sure, you probably have a favorite but when you’re in this business one device is never enough to satisfy your inner tech geek. When you start testing mobile or responsive web sites though it can get to… Read more »

Wahoo Bike Pack for iPhone

With the claim “Transforms your iPhone into a bike computer,” who wouldn’t be interested in the Bike Pack by Wahoo Fitness? Thanks to the pack, which includes a mount and application, you can now not only mount your iPhone to your bike, but you can track your speed with its wireless sensor and mobile application…. Read more »