San Francisco

Android Engineer

At Prolific Interactive, our engineers are craftspeople. We don’t just build products that work - we care about how they look and feel. We are always on the front lines of product development and innovation, continuously communicating with our agile team members from both Prolific and partners like ModCloth, Rent the Runway and Threadless to diagnose and resolve challenges effectively on a daily basis. As a Prolific engineer, you will be delivering best practices with every commit, feeling a comprehensive product ownership and taking pride in what you’re doing.  

Besides the craft, we value your personality. The core culture here is all about the Prolific Ps, who are creative and ambitious professionals with a good “Prolific” sense of humor. We are also self-motivated team players who will work hard to get things right and keep everything simple. You will find no dogmas here and we encourage you to be, simply, you. We embrace and celebrate differences. As a matter of fact, the cross-country and even cross-continent culture among Prolific has greatly impacted our teams, our products and our community.

You will find yourself growing with Prolific every day by working and having fun with the smart and friendly people around you. Your day usually starts with a stand-up to refresh your thoughts and set your daily goals. Then you may spend the rest of your day working with engineers, designers, and product managers to tackle challenges, having lunch with your friends in Brooklyn Bridge Park with a gorgeous view, participating in meetings to help make product decisions, or simply celebrating the spirit of America!

To become a Prolific P, you may have to:

To become a Prolific Android Engineer, you also need to be:

As a Prolific P, you will enjoy:

As a  Prolific Engineer, you will also enjoy:

Prolific Interactive is proud to be one of the leading mobile agencies in the industry today, and we’re constantly looking  for talented people  to grow with us in a long term. If you can see yourself thriving at Prolific, you’d better reach out. Or we will find you.