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Built for a community.

Our mission was to bring the world closer to an artistic community that has been cultivated for over a decade.

Prolific teamed up with the fantastic visionaries at Threadless to create their iOS iPhone app. The new app will further Threadless’ mission to promote the creative and artistic community that has been cultivated through their site. Prolific helped strategize and develop an app that would truly speak to iPhone users and take advantage of intuitive behaviors to which users have become accustomed. Prolific’s partnership with Threadless focused on making a functional and collaborative app that will serve as an extension of its existing crowdsourcing platform, providing artists a new alternative to reach their consumers on the go.

The new app will take the best of the Threadless site and layer on an interactive experience that allows users to easily support the artists they love and promote their work through sharing, voting, and keeping track of their latest creations. Users can discover the work of artists all around the world, offer constructive feedback, and help them get their designs made into real products on Threadless.

"The launch of the iPhone app, which was built by Prolific Interactive, marks Threadless’ first big step into mobile, and it’s a pretty sleek example of what an e-commerce shop can look like on a smartphone."

— Ryan Lawler, TechCrunch


Vote for Designs

The vote feature makes it easy for participants to play an active role in what Threadless prints by offering a constant and inspiring stream of new, awesome designs that users can vote for, comment on, and share. Users can vote via a ‘Print It’ button to push the designs of their choosing quickly up the ranks to become real products featured on the app and site for purchase.

Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Artists

The activity feature provides the user with a constant and up-to-date feed highlighting the latest activity by the artists in the Threadless community.

Browse and Shop

Users can browse the catalog on their mobile device, tap on their favorite, choose the size and style, add it to their cart, and check out. Community members can check out with one tap.

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